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TheVRsexologist, is the 1st live sex tech podcast in Virtual Reality!


Every month our community will meet in VRchat and Altspace VR to discuss the newest and latest evolution of sex. Travel through cyberspace, to talk about the latest in cybersex. 


Sex has been a taboo subject for years and for most people it still is. People feel afraid to ask for help with a sexual problem. You can feel shame or guilt about problems that are actually very common. 

The show is in VR, not only because this medium is the fronteir of sex tech, but also because every participant will be anonymous. This will create an open atmosphere where people will feel safe to talk about sex!



"And if anyone is going to be leading the way towards that expansion of human sexuality it’ll more likely be the sexploring duo of Cathline Smoos and Aurélien Fache."

"Being personal for a moment, there are a lot—and I do mean a lot—of fun things to write about on the subject of the future of human sexuality here at Future of Sex.  

But the ones that, without fail, bring a bright grin, as well as a hefty dose of respect for their unique approaches to the subject, always have the name Smoos and Fache attached to them."



No judgment, no embarrassment, she makes you feel comfortable very quickly. My worries were solved in a month and a half, even though I had been dragging this on for a long time.


A big thank you to this future sexlogist of international renown. Thanks to her advice, I was able to channel myself and regain true sexual confidence with myself. Listening, available, and moreover nice, I am happy to have one day taken this step. 


I was touched by her passion on the subject and her thirst to transmit her knowledges, but also by her great ability to listen and her real investment during each of our sessions.



Cathline SMOOS is a clinical psychologist and sexologist located in Lyon. She specializes in sextech and is passionate about the world of sexuality, imagination and freedom. 

Smoos divides her time between helping individuals overcome sexual and relational difficulties in her private practice. She also does consultancy and gives talks about her explorations and research in various fields related to sexuality, love, health and culture.


Some of her works include: 


  • PussyTalk - Takes Sexting to Next Level with SMS-controlled Sex Toys

  • InBedWithLaurentGarnier- Turns Techno Beats into Sex Toy Pleasure Pulses

  • InBedWithOcean - Innovative Project Mixes Sex and the Ocean

  • GPSex - GPSex Uses Sex Toys and AR to Make Strolls to Your Lover Hotter Than Ever

  • BeMySextoy VR - Embodied a sextoy from purchase to orgasm in VR

Sammie DEVRIES is a social psychologist, writer and VR developer, who specializes in VR storytelling and VR psychology. He has been working with VR for 8 years to bring together VR and story. 

Some of his works include:

  • CUBE - A VR spaceship created together with the Amsterdam zoo ARTIS and Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers.

  • Free Flight VR - A VR documentary about two gay vultures being released into the wild.

  • VR exposure - A VR multiplayer exposure therapie 

  • The VR silent disco - A multiplayer free roam VR silent disco for 8 people



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